Management consulting

All our services are designed to improve the management of your organization. Allowing teams and individual managers to flourish, and providing assistance in finding the right people for the job. Our solutions are tailored to your specific demands and the characteristics of your organization.


A self-evaluation done right provides building blocks to further strengthen the senior management, the board of governors, and the supervisory board. Executive teams can also benefit immensely from a (periodic) evaluation of the team. Team evaluations are highly effective in shedding light upon the effectiveness of the collaboration amongst team members, the ways in they succeed to inspire and complement each other, indeed much more so than what can be achieved through individual annual performance reviews.

Assessment & Leadership Audit

A plethora of situations can call for objective second opinions on the quality of leadership. Whether it’s contracting a new manager, deciding on (executive) appointments, structuring re-organizations or finding potential successors in the organization, Jonathan Warner’s assessments and audits will suit the demands of your organization.

Executive Coaching

The role of successful senior leaders often stretches beyond their job description – they are role models, sources of knowledge and of inspiration. However, they often have questions of their own to which answers are not easily found in their direct professional surroundings. Help beyond the confines of the organization may be sought when questions arise about their style and efficacy of leadership, or about potential new stages in their careers. Sometimes, it is not even about finding the answers to questions at all, but about finding a sounding board to discuss issues in the organization, internal or external matters id communication or matters of a personal nature.

Strengthening the executive team

Executive teams do not necessarily become winning teams by virtue of being composed of people with a broad variety of complementary competencies. The success of executive teams is a consequence of stimulating exchanges between their members. A dynamic is fostered in which individual members stimulate one another not only to fulfil, but to exceed expectations.

Executive collaboration

Effective cooperation in the executive layers of organizations is essential but not in the least self-evident. Engagement coupled with the good intentions of managers, directors and supervisors however important, often proves to be no guarantee for effective executive collaboration. Differing perspectives, conflicting interests, unfortunate events or increasingly unsatisfactory executive structures can result in tensions responsible for a reduction in the force of the organization as a whole.

Leadership programme

A leadership programme does much more than just developing leaders as individuals in organizations. A training for an executive team illuminates its goals and strengthens its sense of direction. Even in training larger groups of executives, Jonathan Warner’s training programmes bring about not simply an improved quality of management, but have many positive effects far exceeding this.